Nette Framework application skeleton

v2.0.1 2015-06-19 12:21 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-07-05 20:00:24 UTC



Application skeleton for Nette Framework applications with many additional features:

  • LeanMapper ORM included
    • Query objects
    • auto service registration based on simple Entity-table mapping in neon config
    • closure tables
  • Phinx database migration including initial script
  • Package based directory structure
  • separated neon config files for each extension (to clarify these config files)
  • less -> css templates written in attribute-selector way in resources/design/
  • example for simple testing mechanism using Nette/Tester in tests/


using Composer (note that webroot is just a name of a directory where your project will be created. Feel free to change webroot to whatever you like)

composer create-project joseki/sandbox webroot

move to webroot directory

cd webroot

create config.local.neon and add valid credentials to a database layer

cp app/config/template/config.local.neon app/config/config.local.neon
vim app/config/config.local.neon

create SQL tables using Phinx migration tool

libs/composer/bin/phinx migrate

Packages name

In your IDE (PhpStorm, NetBeans or whatever you use), replace all occurencies of MyApplication with whatever is your project name namespace (e.g. Joseki). Also rename app/MyApplication as well (in my case to Joseki).

In this skeleton, I use composer to autoload my application scripts in app/ directory the same way as I do with dependecies stored in libs/ (vendor) directory so you need to call:

composer update

That's all folks!