Export DB and files to your TYPO3 dev installation

v2.1.2 2021-12-31 02:18 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-01-29 03:07:39 UTC



  • Export TYPO3 Database and download (exclude tables)
  • Download only referenced files to your local fileadmin
  • Download specific folders like ./uploads or download entire fileadmin


  • TYPO3 Console (>=4.6) on remote TYPO3 installation
  • A SSH connection to the remote server
  • rsync to download files
  • Works with TYPO3 7.x/8.x/9.x/10.x

⚠️ In version 2.0.0 ...->ssh(''); changes to ...->setRemoteServer('');


Created temporary files should be protected from public access


The code will check for .htaccess file within typo3temp/joro_typo3reversedeployment and creates it as needed.

Example content:

 deny from all


Add this to your NGINX configuration to disabled public access of temp files

location ~ /\.(?!joro_typo3reversedeployment).* {
    deny all;


  1. Create a new file in folder .reverse, e.g. .reverse/remote.php

$reverseDeploy = new \JoRo\Typo3ReverseDeployment();

 * Set server paths
// optional: $reverseDeploy->setPhpPathAndBinary('/usr/local/bin/php_cli');

 * Connect to Server
// optional: $reverseDeploy->setPrivateKey(getenv('HOME') . '/.ssh/id_rsa');
// optional: $reverseDeploy->setSshPort(222);

 * Get database

 * Get fileadmin
// optional - download only used files: $reverseDeploy->setFileadminOnlyUsed(true);
// optional - to download files in ddev docker container: $reverseDeploy->setLocalTempPath('/var/www/web/');
  1. Run vendor/bin/typo3reverse

Add/remove methods for files include/exclude

Add/remove item to/from exludes array


Add/remove item to/from includes array


Use SSH-Key with passphrase

You can define your passphrase like shown in this example:

 * Connect to Server

If you do not want to have your passphrase stored in a file, you can use an environment variable:

 * Connect to Server

Then you can start the reverse deployment with a command like this:

PASSPHRASE=mypassword vendor/bin/typo3reverse

Build phar file

Using MacFJA/PharBuilder package to create PHAR file

For configuration see composer.json extra -> phar-builder

php -d phar.readonly=0 vendor/bin/phar-builder package