This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Joomla CMS Integration Tests

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NOTE - This repository has been archived for now.


Integration testing package for Joomla

This repository collects and provides the automated tests, that need an installed Joomla CMS to run. In short, these tests rely on services like the database being available to integrate with.

Folder Structure

  • core - Registered to Joomla's autoloader by the unit testing bootstrap file, contains all classes named Test* and primarily contains TestCase classes extending the PHPUnit Framework and classes to generate mock objects for several classes.
  • schema - This folder contains all SQL schema for setting up the environment for tests using TestCaseDatabase. The ddl.sql file is used by TestCaseDatabase to create a SQLite in-memory database which is destroyed at the end of the test cycle. The other SQL files are specific to each database vendor and require you to manually create the databases.
  • stubs - Contains miscellaneous test data used throughout the suite.
    • database - CSV files loaded by various tests to populate the database with test data
    • discover* - Stubs used with JLoaderTest
  • suites - The actual test classes
  • tmp - A temporary directory used for filesystem operations in the test suite
  • bootstrap.php - The testing bootstrap called when PHPUnit is run