The GhostBuster of your exception page

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The GhostBuster of your exception page!

It displays a GIF instead of Symfony's ghost on exception page and it's compatible with Symfony versions from 5.4 to latest. Here is what it looks like :

Demo Symfony  4.4

Be aware that we can not be held responsible for any loss of productivity during development.

Note Support for previous Symfony versions was available in previous versions of this bundle. See the CHANGELOG for more details.


composer require jolicode/gif-exception-bundle --dev

Now enjoy your exceptions \o/

Add some more gifs!

We need you to improve the included GIFs! Do not hesitate to open PRs to add more gifs in Resources/public/images/, it will be very welcomed! 😉

Optimizing gifs

If you are adding gifs we strongly recommend optimizing them. There is a tool to aid with this (you will need to install gifsicle).


You can also run this command directly from your Symfony application:

bin/console gifexception:optimize

Although it would probably make more sense to use the former and push up the optimized gifs.

It uses gifsicle to optimize gifs via the image-optimizer library.

Further documentation

You can see the current and past versions using one of the following:

And some meta documentation:



GifExceptionBundle is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.