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Laravel-UserLog is a succinct and flexible way to add user logs to Laravel 5.


In order to install Laravel 5 UserLog, just add

"jlxh/laravel-userlog": ">=1.*"

to your composer.json. Then run composer install or composer update.

or you can run the composer require command from your terminal:

composer require jlxh/laravel:1.*

Then in your config/app.php add


in the providers array and

    'UserLog'   => Jlxh\UserLog\UserLogFacade::class,

to the aliases array.


You can also publish the configuration for this package to further customize table names and model namespaces. Just use php artisan vendor:publish and a userlog.php file will be created in your app/config directory.

Now generate the UserLog migration:

php artisan userlog:migration

It will generate the <timestamp>_userlog_setup_tables.php migration. You may now run it with the artisan migrate command:

php artisan migrate

After the migration, one new table will be present:

  • user-log — stores user logs



Let's create log as following:

use UserLog;

$log = UserLog::create(1, 'title', 'A', 'data', 'sql');



Entrust is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

Contribution guidelines

Support follows PSR-1 and PSR-4 PHP coding standards, and semantic versioning.

Please report any issue you find in the issues page. Pull requests are welcome.