Jikan is an unofficial MyAnimeList API

v1.7.1 2018-01-27 02:53 UTC


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The REST API & Documentation is available at https://jikan.me

Jikan is an OOP based class written in PHP that scrapes and parses data out of MyAnimeList. It provides you an easy syntax that can fetch Anime, Manga, People, Character details and even user lists. It returns the data in an array and has a built-in method that converts it to JSON.

The raison d'être for Jikan is to provide an easy API for being able to get stuff that the official API of MyAnimeList lacks.

Jikan even has it's own REST API that responds in JSON - Get Started


  • Anime Parsing

    • Characters & Staff
    • Episodes
    • News
    • Videos/PV/Episodes
    • Pictures
    • Stats
    • Forum Topics
    • More Info
  • Manga Parsing

    • Characters
    • News
    • Stats
    • Pictures
    • Forum Topics
    • More Info
  • Character Parsing

    • Pictures
  • People Parsing

    • Pictures
  • Search (Anime/Manga/Character/Person)

    • Pagination Support
    • No.# of pages
  • Seasonal Anime (Season + Year)

  • Anime Scheduling (for current season)

  • Modular scraping method for developers to extend the API

  • JSON format! ლ( ͡⎚ ͜ʖ ͡⎚ ლ)

Planned Features

  • Anime & Manga
    • User Reviews
    • Recommendations
  • Top
    • Anime
    • Manga
  • Most Favorited
    • Characters
    • People
  • User Profile
  • Command Line Usage
  • PThreads (Multi-threaded) Support (CLI ONLY!)



Read more about the changelog here


Check the examples directory