Create small, file-specific, macros in Blade like Twig has.

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Blade Macro

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Have you as a Laravel developer ever looked at Twig macros with envy?

Maybe you want to reuse a specific element twice on the same page, but you don't want to have it (supported) as a Blade component. With a Blade macro, you can. Here is an example:

<li class="flex justify-center all-sorts-of-tailwind-classes"> {{ $name }} </li>

        @foreach($listOne as $name)
            @showMacro(listItem, ['name' => $name])
        @foreach($listTwo as $name)
            @showMacro(listItem, ['name' => $name])


Via Composer

$ composer require jeroen-g/blade-macro


Define a macro with the Blade directives:

<fancy-code />

Call the macro elsewhere in the same Blade file with the Blade directive or PHP helper:

// or
{!! m('myMacroName') !!}

Do you want to use a macro in another Blade view? Use a Blade component.

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