PSR-3 logger for Papertrail

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PSR-3 Papertrail Logger

This is a PSR-3 compatible logger that logs to Papertrail.


composer require jeremyharris/psr3-papertrail

To log to Papertrail, you must define the following constants with your Papertrail credentials:

  • PAPERTRAIL_HOST: Your Papertrail host
  • PAPERTRAIL_PORT: Your Papertrail port


define('PAPERTRAIL_HOST', '');
define('PAPERTRAIL_PORT', 1234);

$logger = new \JeremyHarris\Papertrail\Logger;
$logger->log('error', 'An error occured');

For more information about PSR-3 logging, visit the PSR-3 recommendation. This package contains the \Psr\Log\LogLevel class for friendly log level constants.

Note: Logs are transported over UDP and are therefore fast but fail silently.

Context Options

While no context options are required, you can pass a program and hostname to manually define them.

  • string $program: Program to use. Uses 'logger' by default.
  • string $hostname: Hostname to use. Uses gethostname() by default
  • string $facility: Facility to use. Uses local0 (16) by default. See RFC 3164 for details

This code was mostly taken from the Papertrail docs and this gist.