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This package provides a class to extract text from a Word Doc.


use Jaybizzle\DocToText\Doc;

echo Doc::getText('book.doc'); // returns the text from the doc


Behind the scenes this package leverages antiword. You can verify if the binary is installed on your system by issuing this command:

which antiword

If it is installed it will return the path to the binary.

To install the binary you can use this command on Ubuntu or Debian:

apt-get install antiword


You can install the package via composer:

composer require jaybizzle/doc-to-text


Extracting text from a Doc is easy.

$text = (new Doc())

Or easier:

echo Doc::getText('book.doc');

By default the package will assume that the antiword command is located at /usr/bin/antiword. If it is located elsewhere pass its binary path to the constructor

$text = (new Doc('/custom/path/to/antiword'))

or as the second parameter to the getText static method:

echo Doc::getText('book.doc', '/custom/path/to/antiword');

Sometimes you may want to use antiword options. To do so you can set them up using the setOptions method.

$text = (new Doc())
    ->setOptions(['f', 'w 80'])

or as the third parameter to the getText static method:

echo Doc::getText('book.doc', null, ['f', 'w 80']);

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