A Generic Httpd Configuration Helper

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A Generic Httpd Configuration Helper

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For a global installation via Composer, run:

composer global require jamesrezo/webhelper=dev-master

Then, copy app/config/parameters.yml.dist into ~/.config/webhelper/parameters.yml

Make sure you have ~/.composer/vendor/bin/ or ~/.config/composer/vendor/bin/ in your path.


wh generate <webserver> <directive1>..<directiveN>

  • <webserver> means actually apache and an optional version (see below)
  • <directive> can be a list of any configuration directive known by the webserver (for now alias, vhost and directory)

Well, syntax is weird... There is the webserver name and optionally the webserver version, separated with a colon (:).

  • name is required, could be apache, nginx, lighttpd, openlightspeed or whatever this helper can find in its repository.
  • version is optional but useful when configuration syntax changes as the webserver evolves.
  • apache means the lowest version of Apache webserver
  • apache:2 means any 2.x version of Apache webserver
  • apache:2.2.16 means... Yes! Apache/2.2.16 precisely.
  • apache:2.4 means any 2.4.x version of Apache webserver...

This will output some text that you'll put into a httpd server configuration file.


...are welcome, of course ;-)