Shop system extension for TYPO3 CMS

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TYPO3 extension tt_products

What is does

This is a shop system extension for TYPO3 based on PHP 7 and PHP 8.


See the file manual.odt under the folder doc of the extension.


If you upgrade to a newer version of tt_products then you sometimes you must execute upgrade wizards in the TYPO3 Install Tool for tt_products. Do not forget to make a backup copy of the database before you execute them.

Only if you are still using TYPO3 < 9 you must execute the renaming of these database table fields manually in phpMyAdmin or a similar database tool.

product_uid ==> uid_local
graduated_price_uid ==> uid_foreign
productsort ==> sorting
graduatedsort ==> sorting_foreign

* tt_products_products_mm_articles:
articlesort ==>  sorting_foreign

* sys_products_orders_mm_tt_products:
sys_products_orders_uid ==> uid_local
tt_products_uid ==> uid_foreign


Contribute under Github tt_products .