Table Library for TYPO3 CMS

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v0.12.1 2023-05-16 07:04 UTC

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What is does

This extension provides methods which extend the call of a database table to use a language overlay table. The SQL queries are generated by the global TCA array. translations of the table are supported without the need to add the query to the language table in your SQL query. The language table is added automatically to SQL queries. Or if a CSV translation file is set, then this file is used to replace the result record.

This extension is used by tt_products.

What is a language overlay table?

In TYPO3 normally all translations of all languages are put into the same database table. This increases the size of database tables. Many table fields do not contain texts and are therefore not translated. So instead of putting everything into one table, a language table is a second database table which only contains the translated fields of the first table. The untranslatable fields are not contained in the second table. This saves much disk space if you support many languages. Categories and other tables are only connected to one record in the first table.