Jackalope Transport library using the filesystem

0.0.4 2022-01-12 15:30 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-07-12 20:54:39 UTC


Test application

This is a WIP implementation to support a filesystem implementation of PHPCR.


Connect as follows:

$factory = new RepositoryFactoryFilesystem();
$repository = $factory->getRepository(array(
    'path' => '/home/mystuff/somefolder',
$credentials = new SimpleCredentials('admin', 'admin');
$session = $repository->login($credentials);


  • path: (required) Path to store data, indexes, etc.
  • search_enabled: If search should be enabled or not (default true)


Node copy

  • References not updated within copied subtree (this test is missing from PHPCR-API tests)


ZendSearch Lucene (native PHP)

Not supported:

  • Node type inheritance: Currently node type inheritance is not taken into account - this should be fixed ASAP
  • Joins: Will need to be implemented in a post processor
  • LOWERCASE, UPPERCASE, LENGTH operands: Same as above
  • SQL and XPath query langauges: Will probably never be implemented
  • Full text search: Easy to implement if we add an additional search index

File handling

  • Files (binary data in the repository) are not current handled in a memory efficient manner. This will be addressed.


The default ZendSearch implementation doesn't behave very well when the full test suite is being run - it will tend to become corrupt after a certain number of operations. It is therefore necessary to batch the tests.