A lightweight Active Record implementation for PHP5, built on top of Idiorm

v1.5.6 2017-03-21 02:13 UTC

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In maintenance only mode

Idiorm and Paris are now considered to be feature complete as of version 1.5.0. Whilst they will continue to be maintained with bug fixes there will be no further new features added from this point on. This means that if a pull request makes breaking changes to the API or requires anything other than a patch version bump of the library then it will not be merged.

Please do not submit feature requests or API breaking changes as they will be closed without ceremony.

Should I use Idiorm/Paris?

If you're starting a new project

It is not recommended that you use either Idiorm or Paris in new projects.

I recommend that you use the Eloquent database library from Laravel as Taylor based it on Idiorm when he wrote it. This means that many of the same ideas are present there, but it is more actively maintained and has a more modern code style.

If you have existing projects based on Idiorm or Paris

You can continue to use both projects as they will continue to receive security patches and bug fixes. It is important to note that future versions of PHP may not be supported if changes they require would break backwards compatibility.

At this point you can either use another database library such as Eloquent from Laravel (see If you're starting a new project above) or you could decide to fork Idiorm and/or Paris to patch them with your own modifications.

But, why?

For further information on the state of this project please see j4mie/idiorm#360

A lightweight Active Record implementation for PHP5.

Built on top of Idiorm.

Tested on PHP 5.2.0+ - may work on earlier versions with PDO and the correct database drivers.

Released under a BSD license.


  • Extremely simple configuration.
  • Exposes the full power of Idiorm's fluent query API.
  • Supports associations.
  • Simple mechanism to encapsulate common queries in filter methods.
  • Built on top of PDO.
  • Uses prepared statements throughout to protect against SQL injection attacks.
  • Database agnostic. Currently supports SQLite, MySQL, Firebird and PostgreSQL. May support others, please give it a try!
  • Supports collections of models with method chaining to filter or apply actions to multiple results at once.
  • Multiple connections are supported


The documentation is hosted on Read the Docs: paris.rtfd.org

Building the Docs

You will need to install Sphinx and then in the docs folder run:

make html

The documentation will now be in docs/_build/html/index.html

Let's See Some Code

class User extends Model {
    public function tweets() {
        return $this->has_many('Tweet');

class Tweet extends Model {}

$user = Model::factory('User')
    ->where_equal('username', 'j4mie')
$user->first_name = 'Jamie';

$tweets = $user->tweets()->find_many();
foreach ($tweets as $tweet) {
    echo $tweet->text;


1.5.6 - released 2017-03-21

  • Allow IDE's to autocomplete when foreach over find_many() result [stratoss] - issue #128
  • Document the @property PHPDoc comment for IDE autocomplete of model properties [Treffynnon]

1.5.5 - released 2016-12-14

  • Fix join table name not generated correctly [Ralphunter] - issue #109
  • Add phpunit as dev dependency and composer script (composer test) to easily run tests [Treffynnon]
  • Global setting to allow static requests to avoid being forced in to using the namespace + class as the auto table name [michaelward82] - issue #100
  • Document conflict between static Model calling and auto_prefix_models [michaelward82] - issue #102
  • Added @method tags for magic methods [stellis] - issue #104
  • Add missing __unset() magic method [qyanu] - issue #106
  • Remove PHP 5.2 from travis-ci containers to test against (note Idiorm still supports PHP 5.2 despite this) [Treffynnon]

1.5.4 - released 2014-09-23

1.5.3 - released 2014-06-25

  • Remove erroneously committed git merge backup file

1.5.2 - released 2014-06-23

  • Paris incorrectly relying on old Idiorm version in the composer.json [ilsenem] - issue #96

1.5.1 - released 2014-06-22

  • Remove HHVM build target from travis-ci as there is a bug in HHVM

1.5.0 - released 2014-06-22

1.4.2 - released 2013-12-12

Patch update to remove a broken pull request - may have consequences for users of 1.4.0 and 1.4.1 that exploited the "find_many() now returns an associative array with the databases primary ID as the array keys" change that was merged in 1.4.0.

  • Back out pull request/issue #133 as it breaks backwards compatibility in previously unexpected ways (see Idiorm issues #162, #156 and #133) - sorry for merging this change into Paris - closes Idiorm issue 156

1.4.1 - released 2013-09-05

1.4.0 - released 2013-09-05

  • Call methods against model class directly eg. User::find_many() - PHP 5.3 only [Lapayo] - issue #62
  • find_many() now returns an associative array with the databases primary ID as the array keys [Surt] - see commit 9ac0ae7 and Idiorm issue #133
  • Add PSR-1 compliant camelCase method calls to Idiorm (PHP 5.3+ required) [crhayes] - issue #59
  • Allow specification of connection on relation methods [alexandrusavin] - issue #55
  • Make tests/bootstrap.php HHVM compatible [JoelMarcey] - issue #71
  • belongs_to doesn't work with $auto_prefix_models (issue #70)

1.3.0 - released 2013-01-31

  • Documentation moved to paris.rtfd.org and now built using Sphinx
  • Add support for multiple database connections [tag] - issue #15
  • Allow a prefix for model class names - see Configuration in the documentation - closes issues #33
  • Exclude tests and git files from git exports (used by composer)
  • Implement set_expr - closes issue #39
  • Add is_new - closes issue #40
  • Add support for the new IdiormResultSet object in Idiorm - closes issue #14
  • Change Composer to use a classmap so that autoloading is better supported [javierd] - issue #44
  • Move tests into PHPUnit to match Idiorm
  • Update included Idiorm version for tests
  • Move documentation to use Sphinx

1.2.0 - released 2012-11-14

  • Setup composer for installation via packagist (j4mie/paris)
  • Add in basic namespace support, see issue #20
  • Allow properties to be set as an associative array in set(), see issue #13
  • Patch in idiorm now allows empty models to be saved (j4mie/idiorm see issue #58)

1.1.1 - released 2011-01-30

1.1.0 - released 2011-01-24

  • Add is_dirty method

1.0.0 - released 2010-12-01

  • Initial release