WordPress starter project that works with Composer

1.0.0-alpha 2014-02-17 17:59 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-17 11:49:42 UTC


WordPress project starter that works with Composer and WP-CLI


$ composer create-project ixa/wordpress-starter <project-name> --prefer-dist
$ cd <project-name>

This command clones Ixa WordPress Starter and downloads all of its dependencies. It also ask your enviroment variables: database credentials and home_url.

If your database is ready you can install WordPress typing:

$ vendor/bin/wp core install --promt

If wp-cli prints a success message the installation is completed. You can use the PHP build in server to see your new site in htpp://localhost:1234

$ php -S localhost:1234


In Ixa WordPress Starter, wp-config.php file is not meant to hold configuration all constants are set by Ixa WP-Config and are located in config folder.

.env.yml file

This file is dynamically created by Composer in every installation or update and must not be added to version control. The env.yml.dist is needed to tell Incenteev/ParameterHandler what variables are required and should not be modified.

Default Theme

Ixa WordPress Starter ships with a default theme that contains only the welcome message you see after installation and is set in wp-config.php using WP_DEFAULT_THEME constant. You can override to register your theme, this way, no database configuration is needed and the app is more portable.

WP-CLI Scaffold

Using WP-CLI you can create a new theme with the scaffold command

$ vendor/bin/wp scaffold _s <theme-name>

Then you have a new theme based on Underscores ready to start.

Child Themes

Since we are using Composer, the recommended way to use child themes is to register the parent theme as dependency in composer.json, just make sure the project type is wordpress-theme, so that Composer Installer knows where to install it.

Note that if you want to register the child theme using WP_DEFAULT_THEME constant you must define TEMPLATEPATH as this article suggests.