Consistent WordPress configuration across environments.

0.2 2014-02-17 17:39 UTC


WordPress configuration consistent across environments.


It can be installed using Composer:

$ composer require ixa/wp-config 0.2


Ixa Wp-Config is meant to be used in wp-config.php file, this is the recommended way to use it:

use Ixa\WordPress\Configuration\Config;

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

// Load Config from config/ folder
$config = new Config(dirname(__FILE__) . '/config');

// ... define all variables and require wp-settings

Configuration Folder

Ixa Wp-Config requires to define a folder in which the configuration will be placed.

Environment Configuration

The configuration folder must contain a file named .env.yml with the following variables.


  # Environment
  environment:    dev

  # Database Credentials
  db_name:        wordpress
  db_user:        root
  db_password:    ""
  db_host:        localhost

  # Site URL
  wp_home:        http://localhost:1234/

All variables are required and must be placed under parameters. This is because the .env.yml file can be generated dynamically using Incenteev/ParameterHandler.