Itkg debug library

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Debug library with custom debug bar


Installation by Composer

If you use composer, add itkg/debug as a dependency to the composer.json of your application

    "require": {
        "itkg/debug": "dev-master"

To install assets in your web directory with composer, you can add this lines :

    "extra": {
        "itkg_debug_asset_dir": "path/to/your/web/directory"
    "scripts": {
        "post-update-cmd":  "Itkg\\Debug\\Composer\\Installer::copyAssets",
        "post-install-cmd": "Itkg\\Debug\\Composer\\Installer::copyAssets"


For documentation & default data collector, read php-debugBar documentation.

To activate debug bar :

    ... // include autoload, etc
    $container = new Itkg\Core\ServiceContainer();
    $container->register(new Itkg\Debug\ServiceProvider());

    $debugBarRenderer = $container['debug']['renderer'];

    // include scripts header
    echo $debugBarRenderer->renderHead();

    // include debug bar
    echo $debugBarRenderer->render();