A module using pretix API to generate events from field values

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This Drupal 8 module creates a new field type that enables a link to to be made.

Through the Pretix API it is possible to add, change or remove Pretix event date entries from the Drupal interface.

  1. Add a new field of type pretix date field type to an entity.
  2. Add a new field of type pretix event settings to the entity.
  3. Add a pretix connection through the settings (local.settings.php).
  4. Watch the magic happen.


Go to /admin/config/itk_pretix/pretixconfig and enter your pretix details.

A hidden configuration option, pretix_event_slug_template, controls how pretix event slugs (short forms) are generated. The default value is !nid and !nid will be replaced with the actual node id when creating a pretix event.

To change the value of pretix_event_slug_template, set it in your site's settings, e.g. (in settings.local.php):

$config['itk_pretix.pretixconfig']['pretix_event_slug_template'] = 'dev-local';

If the value of pretix_event_slug_template is not empty, but !nid does not occur in the value, -!nid will be appended and the final template will be dev-local-!nid.


This module exposes a number of event Data exporters that are run via the pretix REST api (cf.

All exporters implement Drupal\itk_pretix\Exporter\ExporterInterface (by extending Drupal\itk_pretix\Exporter\AbstractExporter) and are managed by Drupal\itk_pretix\Exporter\Manager which takes care of displaying exporter parameters forms and running exporters.

The available exporters for a node can be run from /itk_pretix/pretix/event/exporters/{node} where {node} is the node id.

Building assets

First, install tools and requirements:

yarn install

Build for development:

yarn encore dev --watch

Build for production:

yarn encore production

Coding standards

The code must follw the Drupal Coding Standards

Check the coding standards by running

composer install
composer coding-standards-check

Apply the coding standards by running

composer coding-standards-apply


Check the coding standards in assets by running

yarn coding-standards-check

Apply the coding standards by running

yarn coding-standards-apply