Set the latitude and longitude using Yandex Maps

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Set the latitude and longitude using Yandex Maps


Add it-blaster/yandex-maps-form-type-bundle to your composer.json file and run composer

"require": {
    "it-blaster/yandex-maps-form-type-bundle": "1.0.*"

Register the bundle in your AppKernel.php

new Fenrizbes\YandexMapsFormTypeBundle\FenrizbesYandexMapsFormTypeBundle(),

Include bundle's scripts in your page:

<script src="{{ asset('bundles/fenrizbesyandexmapsformtype/js/yandex_maps_widget.js') }}"></script>


Just set the yandex_maps FormType for your field as follows:

    ->add('coordinates', 'yandex_maps')

The type takes and returns an array with items lat for the latitude and lng for the longitude. So you need to configure your database coordinates column as OBJECT or create the setter and getter for it on your model.


There are a few options that you can pass:

    ->add('coordinates', 'yandex_maps', array(
        'width'      => 640,      // The map's width
        'height'     => 480,      // The map's height
        'default'    => array(
            'lat' => 55.75319, // The default latitude value
            'lng' => 37.619953 // The default longitude value
        'parameters' => array(
            'type'          => 'yandex#map', // The default map's type
            'zoom'          => 11,           // The initial zoom size
            'scrollZoom'    => false,        // Enable/disable scroll zoom
            'searchSupport' => false,        // Enable/disable searching objects by searchControl
            'controls'      => array(        // Enabled map's controls


You can configure default values for type's options to avoid passing them every time:

        width:  640
        height: 480
        lat: 55.75319
        lng: 37.619953
        type:          'yandex#map'
        zoom:          11
        scrollZoom:    false
        searchControl: false
        controls:      [ 'zoomControl' ]