The extended Symfony's Form File Type based on it-blaster/uploadable-behavior

v1.1.3 2016-09-27 04:47 UTC

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The extended Symfony's Form File Type based on it-blaster/uploadable-behavior.

It provides the ability to easily upload files, show links to them and display checkbox-controls for deletion them (only from database) in your forms.


Add it-blaster/uploadable-bundle to your composer.json file and run composer

"require": {
    "it-blaster/uploadable-bundle": "1.0.*"

Register the bundle in your AppKernel.php

new Fenrizbes\UploadableBundle\FenrizbesUploadableBundle(),

Configure it-blaster/uploadable-behavior


Now you can use the uploadable form type:

    ->add('MyFile', 'uploadable')

This type inherits all the file type's options (except constraints) and has own ones:

  • removable (boolean, default: true) - display or not the checkbox-control for deletion
  • remove_label (string, default: 'remove') - the label for checkbox-control (if it's enabled)
  • file_constraints (array, default: null) - constraints for the file field


The bundle has an only parameter root_path that determines the path to the project's root directory. Default value is %kernel.root_dir%/../web. You can configure it in your config.yml as follows:

    root_path: /your/own/path


  • Delete previously uploaded files