A CakePHP + VueJS single page application skeleton

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A basic CakePHP(3.*) + VueJS single page application. Provides basic skeleton to quickly get started with cakephp and vuejs.


  1. Get project into your system

    Via composer:

    composer create-project ishanvyas22/cakephpvue-spa

    Via cloning the project into your server:

    git clone
  2. Install composer and npm dependencies

    composer install
  3. Connect with your database

  4. Run the migrations

    bin/cake migrations migrate
  5. Start CakePHP web server or create v-host to run this app.


  1. Install npm packages
    npm install
  2. Run below command (Uses awesome Asset Mix plugin for asset compilation)
    • To watch every changes in your vue file
      npm run watch
    • To generate development version of js file
      npm run dev
    • To generate production version of js file
      npm run production


  • This is project is under development currently so you might not want to use this app in production directly.
  • This is just a skeleton/example how you can implement the VueJS with CakePHP.


  • To add TODO section in README :)


Feel free to submit issues and enhancement requests.


I love to welcome your contributions if you know VueJS / CakePHP.