This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the telegram-bot-sdk/laravel-starter package instead.

Telegram Bot SDK Laravel Starter Project

dev-master 2021-10-18 00:42 UTC

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This repo has been archived in favor of the scaffolding feature in our Laravel package.

Laravel starter for Telegram Bot SDK.

It comes with sample code to get you started developing Telegram Bots in Laravel.


  • Multi-Bots.
  • Webhook.
  • Updates Polling.
  • Commands.
  • Event Listener.

Built with


  1. Create a new bot project using this starter project.
composer create-project telegram-bot-sdk/laravel-starter mybot
  1. Install Laravel Valet and use valet secure && valet share to retrieve a HTTPS URL that you can use it to setup a webhook with Telegram for testing.

  2. Edit your .env file and set your bot token in TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN= && ngrok hostname in TELEGRAM_WEBHOOK_DOMAIN= (Ex:

  3. Setup the webhook with Telegram by firing the artisan command php artisan telegram:webhook:setup.

  4. Explore app directory for some examples.

  5. Build awesome bots and don't forget to list them on our Awesome Telegram Bots list.

Read docs to learn more about Telegram Bot SDK.


If you've fired the above webhook setup artisan command, then a webhook will automatically be set with Telegram.

The webhook URL looks like: https://YOUR_DOMAIN/telegram/YOUR_BOT_TOKEN/YOUR_BOT_NAME

Incoming webhook requests from Telegram will automatically be verified, processed, and acknowledged to Telegram for you. You can listen to various events the SDK dispatches to process inbound updates. You'll find an example in this repo as you explore.


The Laravel Starter is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.