Compares composer.lock changes and generates Markdown report so you can use it in PR description.

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Generates packages changes report in Markdown format by comparing composer.lock files. Compares with last-committed changes by default.

Now available as GitHub Action!



composer global require ion-bazan/composer-diff


composer diff # Displays packages changed in current git tree compared with HEAD
composer diff --help # Display detailed usage instructions

Example output


  • --base (-b) - path, URL or git ref to original composer.lock file
  • --target (-t) - path, URL or git ref to modified composer.lock file
  • --no-dev - ignore dev dependencies (require-dev)
  • --no-prod - ignore prod dependencies (require)
  • --with-platform (-p) - include platform dependencies (PHP, extensions, etc.)
  • --with-links (-l) - include compare/release URLs
  • --format (-f) - output format (mdtable, mdlist, json, github) - default: mdtable
  • --gitlab-domains - custom gitlab domains for compare/release URLs - default: use composer config

Advanced usage

composer diff master # Compare current composer.lock with the one on master branch
composer diff master:composer.lock develop:composer.lock -p # Compare master and develop branches, including platform dependencies
composer diff --no-dev # ignore dev dependencies
composer diff -p # include platform dependencies
composer diff -f json # Output as JSON instead of table

You can find more documentation in the docs directory.

Strict mode

To help you control your dependencies, you may pass --strict option when running in CI. If there are any changes detected, a non-zero exit code will be returned.

Exit code of the command is built using following bit flags:

  • 0 - OK.
  • 1 - General error.
  • 2 - There were changes in prod packages.
  • 4 - There were changes is dev packages.
  • 8 - There were downgrades in prod packages.
  • 16 - There were downgrades in dev packages.

You may check for individual flags or simply check if the status is greater or equal 8 if you don't want to downgrade any package.


Composer Diff is an open source project that welcomes pull requests and issues from anyone. Before opening pull requests, please consider reading our short Contribution Guidelines.

Similar packages

While there are several existing packages offering similar functionality:

This package offers:

  • Support for wide range of PHP versions, starting from 5.3.2 up to 8.0 and newer.
  • No dependencies if you run it as composer plugin.
  • Both standalone executable and composer plugin interface - you choose how you want to use it.
  • Allows generating reports in several formats.
  • Extra Gitlab domains support.
  • GitHub Action with example workflow
  • 100% test coverage.
  • MIT license.