Lightweight PHP MVC framework

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Lightweight PHP MVC framework

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What is this?

Flywork is a lightweight PHP framework, using MVC pattern, which helps you to quickly create web applications.

You can see a proof of concept project in Flywork-poc project.

Main Features

Flywork provides you the following features:

  • Route (custom and auto-route) management
  • RESTful request management support
  • Database access and handling
  • View management (using native engine)
  • Cache management
  • Session management
  • Language (translation) handling
  • Bundle engine for JS e CSS files (with minifier)
  • Form fields handling
  • Mail encapsulated adapter
  • Log management - PSR-3 compliant
  • Security methods (password, encryption and decryption)
  • Too few settings do start

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  • Language
    • PDO (PHP Data Objects) Extension (for Medoo library)
    • MbString Extension
    • OpenSSL Extension
  • External libraries
    • Medoo
      • DB access/management
    • Minify
      • Minify assets (CSS and JS) files
    • PHPMailer
      • Library for send e-mails
    • PSR/Log
      • Log management interface

Get Started

Install via composer

Add Flywork to composer.json configuration file.

$ composer require interart/flywork

Then update the composer

$ composer update

See the proof of concept project in Flywork-poc to get more details about using features.


This project is licensed under The MIT License (MIT).

This is a free software (like free beer), but you can consider donate to help its development.
You can use Paypal (click in this link) to make a donation securely.


If you have any idea how this project can be improved, plese see Contributing section to get details. Thank you. :)


  • Change Session management class to accept others engines
  • Add Unit Tests

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