IntegralService Behat Contexts

v3.0.4 2021-03-03 11:07 UTC


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What is it

This project provides behat contexts to tests things such as :

  • API: deal with JWTokens
  • Emails: validate the reception of emails and follow links in a received email
  • Web: check presence of elements in the page, interact with them and deal with form elements (input, select, ...)
  • Coverage: when adding this context to your test suites, a coverage report of the suite will be generated

How to install

You can install those contexts with composer :

composer require --dev integralservice/behat-context


An example of configuration is available in the file behat.yml.dist.

How to contribute

We are more than pleased to receive pull request if you want to add some functionnalities that can benefit the community.