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Instela API

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Instela API makes accessible almost every method used in Instela. With PHP SDK, you can easily access to all API functions in PHP.

Getting Started

  1. Minimum requirements – To run the SDK, your system will need to meet the [minimum requirements][docs-requirements], including having PHP >= 5.5 compiled with the cURL extension and cURL 7.16.2+ compiled with a TLS backend (e.g., NSS or OpenSSL).
  2. Install the SDK – Using [Composer] is the recommended way to install the AWS SDK for PHP. The SDK is available via [Packagist] under the [instela/instela-php-sdk][install-packagist] package.
  3. Using the SDK – Please read this document to learn how to use the API.


Available API's



This API is used to interact with the Instela Messaging service.

All methods of this API requires a valid OAuth 2.0 access token.

You can create a new instance for this API you can use the default constructor:

use Instela\SDK\Messages;
$client = MessagesClient(array(
 'token' => 'ACCESS_TOKEN'


Gets thread list for the authorized user.

MessagesClient::getThreadList( array $args = array() ): \Instela\SDK\Model\ThreadList


$threadList = $messageClient->getThreadList(array(
    'page' => 1, // Optional, default = 1
    'per_page' => '25' // Optional, default = 1

Return Value:

Returns a thread list object


Gets the thread for the authorized user.

MessagesClient::getThread( array $args = array() ): \Instela\SDK\Model\Thread


$thread = $messageClient->getThread(array(
    'u1' => 1,  // User Id of the first participant of the message thread
    'u2' => 50, // User Id of the second participant of the message thread
    'page' => 1, // Optional, default = 1
    'per_page' => '25' // Optional, default = 1

Return Value:

Returns a thread object.


Sends message from the account of the authorized user.

MessagesClient::sendMessage( array $args = array() ): \Instela\SDK\Model\Message


$message = $messageClient->sendMessage(array(
    'receiver' => 1,  // User Id of the receiver
    'message' => "test message", // Message body

Return Value:

Returns the sent message.


Gets message with given id.

MessagesClient::getMessage( array $args = array() ): \Instela\SDK\Model\Message


$message = $messageClient->getMessage(array(
    'id' => 1,  // Id of the message

Return Value:

Returns the found message.