Provides a previous/next navigation for news & events.

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1.3.7 2024-04-10 08:50 UTC

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Contao Sibling Navigation

Provides a previous/next navigation for news & events.


Require the bundle via composer:

composer require inspiredminds/contao-sibling-navigation

If you use the Contao Standard Edition, you will have to add

new InspiredMinds\ContaoSiblingNavigation\ContaoSiblingNavigationBundle()

to your AppKernel.php.


Simply create a News sibling navigation or Event sibling navigation module and integrate it in your page layout or as an include element. If you do not select any news archives or calendars, the sibling navigation will automatically use the news or event entries' archive/calendar.

News Categories features

The sibling navigation can be further limited by providing one or more news category IDs via a GET parameter called category. Example:,3

This will limit the previous and next links to news items that have categories with the ID 1 and 3 assigned.

Custom Templates

If you want to use a custom template, the name of the copy of mod_sibling_navigation.html5 has to be modified that the first part of the name is either mod_sibling_navigation_events or mod_sibling_navigation_news depending on whether your customized template should be used for the events or news sibling navigation.


Development funded by Jan Kout.