Contao 4 extension to redirect to a language saved in a cookie.

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2.0.1 2022-09-05 14:27 UTC

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Contao Remember Language

Contao 4 extension to redirect to a language saved in a cookie when using contao.prepend_locale: true and requesting the domain without any language parameter in the URL.


The extension allows you to configure the following:

  • Enable or disable the redirect.
  • Enable or disable saving the current language in a cookie.
  • The name of the cookie.
# Default configuration for extension with alias: "contao_remember_language"

    # Enables the automatic redirect to the saved language.
    enable_redirect:      true

    # Saves the current language as a cookie.
    save_language:        true

    # Name of the cookie where the language is saved.
    cookie_name:          contao_remember_language


If you use caching, make sure to not add the configured cookie to your COOKIE_WHITELIST. The information of the cookie is only relevant for requests to (without any path/parameter), and since Contao (at least up to Contao 4.9) always redirects such requests (with a status code other than 301) when using contao.prepend_locale: true, such requests are never cached. Thus, it is not necessary to prevent caching when the request contains the cookie.