Contao extension to automatically switch page, archive and calendar references in modules according to the current language.

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1.0.7 2023-03-12 14:22 UTC

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Last update: 2023-05-12 14:39:34 UTC


Automatic Language Switcher for Contao Modules

This extension extends and replaces some common Contao front end modules and automatically switches page, archive and calendar references according to the current language. This enables you to only create one module for your multi language Contao instance and include that directly in your layout or page, instead of having to create one module for each language.

The following modules are supported:

  • Codefog\NewsCategoriesBundle\FrontendModule\CumulativeFilterModule
  • Codefog\NewsCategoriesBundle\FrontendModule\NewsCategoriesModule
  • Codefog\NewsCategoriesBundle\FrontendModule\NewsListModule
  • Contao\ModuleCalendar
  • Contao\ModuleCustomnav
  • Contao\ModuleEventlist
  • Contao\ModuleEventReader
  • Contao\ModuleNavigation
  • Contao\ModuleNewsList
  • Contao\ModuleNewsReader
  • Contao\ModuleSearch
  • InspiredMinds\ContaoSiblingNavigation\Module\SiblingNavigationEvents
  • InspiredMinds\ContaoSiblingNavigation\Module\SiblingNavigationNews