Inspector for PHP applications.

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Inspector is a composer package to add Real-Time monitoring in your PHP applications.


  • PHP >= 7.2.0


Install the latest version by:

composer require inspector-apm/inspector-php


To start sending data to Inspector you need an API key to create a configuration instance. You can obtain INSPECTOR_API_KEY creating a new project in your Inspector dashboard.

require __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';

use Inspector\Inspector;
use Inspector\Configuration;

$configuration = new Configuration('YOUR_API_KEY');
$inspector = new Inspector($configuration);

All start with a transaction. Transaction represent an execution cycle and it can contains one or hundred of segments:

// Start execution cycle with a transaction

// Trace performance of code blocks
$segment = $inspector->startSegment('my-process');
try {

    throw new UnauthorizedException("You don't have permission to access.");

} catch(UnauthorizedException $exception) {
} finally {

Or directly use addSegment method that implement this strategy for you, and put the new segment in the callback so you can add context information if you need:

$result = $inspector->addSegment(function ($segment) {
    // Write here the code block to monitor

    $text = 'Do something!';
    $segment->setContext(['foo' => 'bar']);
    return $text;

}, 'my-process');

echo $result; // this will print "Hello World!"

Inspector will collect information to produce performance chart in your dashboard.

See official documentation


This package is licensed under the MIT license.