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Simple code execution monitoring for Laravel applications.


  • PHP >= 7.2.0
  • Laravel >= 5.5


Install the latest version by:

composer require inspector-apm/inspector-laravel

For Lumen

If your application is based on Lumen you need to manually register the InspectorServiceProvider:


Configure the Ingestion Key

First put the Ingestion Key in your environment file:


You can obtain an INSPECTOR_INGESTION_KEY creating a new project in your Inspector account.

Attach the Middleware

To monitor web requests you can attach the WebMonitoringMiddleware in your http kernel or use in one or more route groups based on your personal needs.

 * The application's route middleware groups.
 * @var array
protected $middlewareGroups = [
    'web' => [

    'api' => [

Test everything is working

Run the command below:

php artisan inspector:test

Go to to explore your data.

Official documentation

Check out the official documentation


We encourage you to contribute to Inspector! Please check out the Contribution Guidelines about how to proceed. Join us!


This package is licensed under the MIT license.