a php console library, provide console argument parse, console controller/command run, color style, user interactive, information show.

v3.1.20 2021-04-26 16:14 UTC


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A simple, full-featured php command line application library.

Provide console parameter parsing, command run, color style output, user information interaction, and special format information display.


Command line preview



Easy to use. Can be easily integrated into any existing project.

  • Command line application, controller, command parsing run on the command line
  • Support for setting aliases for commands. A command can have multiple aliases. Support command display/hide, enable/disable
  • Full-featured command line option parameter parsing (named parameters, short options -s, long options --long).
  • The input, output of the command line, management, use
  • Command method comments are automatically parsed as help information (by default, @usage @arguments @options @example)
  • Support for outputting message texts of multiple color styles (info, comment, success, warning, danger, error ... )
  • Commonly used special format information display (section, panel, padding, helpPanel, table, tree, title, list, multiList)
  • Rich dynamic information display (pending/loading, pointing, spinner, counterTxt, dynamicText, progressTxt, progressBar)
  • Common user information interaction support (select, multiSelect, confirm, ask/question, askPassword/askHiddenInput)
  • Support for predefined parameter definitions like symfony/console (giving parameter values by position, recommended when strict parameter restrictions are required)
  • The color output is windows linux mac compatible. Environments that do not support color will automatically remove the relevant CODE.
  • Quickly generate auto-completion scripts for the current application in the bash/zsh environment
  • NEW: Support start an interactive shell for run application

Built-in tools

  • Built-in Phar packaging tool class, which can be easily packaged into phar files. Easy to distribute and use
    • Run the command php examples/app phar:pack in the example, which will package this console library into an app.phar
  • Built-in file download tool class under command line with progress bar display
  • Command line php code highlighting support (from jakub-onderka/php-console-highlighter and making some adjustments)
  • Simple Terminal screen, cursor control operation class
  • Simple process operations using classes (fork, run, stop, wait ..., etc.)

All features, effects; can be run in the example code phps/app in examples/. Basically covers all the features and can be tested directly


composer require inhere/console

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Unit test

// output coverage without xdebug
phpdbg -dauto_globals_jit=Off -qrr /usr/local/bin/phpunit --coverage-text



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