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With this package you can edit your Laravel config files in an easy way.

Laravel 5 Config Manager

Usage Instructions

Install through composer:

composer require infinety-es/config-manager

Add this to app/config/app.php under the providers key:


Publish package files:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Infinety\ConfigManager\ConfigManagerServiceProvider"

Create default layout with php artisan make:auth and edit layouts/app.blade.php and add a yield called script after app.js. Your app.blade.php should look like:

    <!-- Scripts -->
    <script src="{{ asset('js/app.js') }}"></script>

Edit config/configmanager.php config file to set the route and middleware, default to:


return [

    | Routes group config
    | The default group settings for the translations routes.
    'route' => [
        'prefix' => 'dashboard/config',
        'middleware' => [

And now go to your route. Yo will see all config files in the select. Choose one and the page will refresh with the config keys and values.

Important notice:

Currently this package is not saving no defined arrays. Take a look this example:


return [
    'route' => [
        'myData' => [ //This array can not be changed in this moment
        'myObject' => [ //This array can be changed because has keys
            'demo' => false,
            'test' => true
        'custom' => true, //This can be changed
        'value' => 'my own value' //This can be changed

I will try to fix shortly. Also if you like it you can make a Pull Request,




Eric Lagarda

Contributing contributions welcome

Hope you like it!