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AutoScout24 PHP API.

1.1.2 2022-08-30 10:50 UTC

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DANGER: The AutoScout24 Endpoint is only available if they whiteliste your provided IP Address, this makes it very hard to develop local - as you can imagine. An incredible bad solution for such a big company, just saying. Maybe try to use another car sharing platform which provides a more modern technology approach!


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A very easy to use library to work with the AutoScout24 REST Api.


Before using the library you have to obtain your cuid and memberid from the AutoScout24 Support.

Getting Data

// setup client object
$client = new Client($cuid, $memberId);

// generate query object
$query = new VehicleQuery();
foreach ($cars->find() as $car) {

The above code is equal with the following short notation:

$client = new Client($cuid, $memberId);
$cars = (new VehicleQuery())->setClient($client)->find();
foreach ($cars as $car) {

In order to generate a response without pagination use:

$client = new Client($cuid, $memberId);
$cars = (new VehicleQuery())->setClient($client)->findAll();

Find a car by its id:

$client = new Client($cuid, $memberId);
$car = (new VehicleQuery())->setClient($client)->findOne($carId);

Filter and Sorting:

$client = new Client($cuid, $memberId);
$cars = (new VehicleQuery())->setClient($client)->setVehicleSorting('price_desc')->find();

See the VehiceQuery class for all filter and sorting methods like:

  • setVehicleSorting()
  • setVehicleTypeId()
  • setYearTo()
  • setEquipment()
  • setPage()
  • setItemsPerPage()
  • setMake()
  • setModel()

Meta Data

$client = new Clien($cuid, $memberId);
$data = (new MetaQuery())->setClient($client)->findPkw();

foreach ($data as $meta) {
    var_dump($meta->getParameterName(), $meta->getDescription());

filter by a type

$meta = (new MetaQuery())->setClient($this->client)->findPkw()->filter('sort');