Scan the barcode on a book, get back data on the book based on ISBN

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Give Bookscanner a barcode or ISBN number, look it up via the OpenLibrary api (, and then return you a nice PHP array with relevant details.

Works with 10-digit or 13-digit ISBNs. It will happily take input from a text field that has been populated by a standard handheld barcode scanner. It will clean it up a little, validate the ISBN with its checksum, and then send a request to the excellent OpenLibrary API via cURL. It will parse the response, and it will return you a PHP array with all the available information.

For fields with more that one element, e.g., a book with several authors, the field will be returned as a comma-separated string.


Via Composer

$ composer require imonroe/bookscanner


$isbn_data = imonroe\bookscanner\Bookscanner::get_isbn_data($isbn_string); // from a text input, presumably a scanned barcode

$isbn = $isbn_data['isbn'];  // formatted ISBN number
$info_url = $isbn_data['info_url'];  // OpenLibrary URL to information page
$title = $isbn_data['title'];  // The title of the work
$subjects = $isbn_data['subjects']; // A string of subjects, separated by commas
$publisher = $isbn_data['publisher'];  // The publisher of the work
$author = $isbn_data['author']; // The author. If there are multiple, this will be a comma-delimited string
$publication_date = $isbn_data['publication_date'];  // The date the work was published
$number_of_pages =$isbn_data['number_of_pages'];  // Number of pages
$physical_format =$isbn_data['physical_format'];  // A string describing the physical format
$thumbnail_url = $isbn_data['thumbnail_url'];  // A URL to OpenLibrary's cover thumbnail.

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$ composer test


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