Fork of a PHP client for Sentry ( that work also with php5.2

1.7.0 2021-10-09 17:40 UTC


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This project is a fork of official PHP SDK v1.7 for Sentry to work even with php5.2.


  • Automatically report (un)handled exceptions and errors
  • Send customized diagnostic data
  • Process and sanitize data before sending it over the network


There are various ways to install the PHP integration for Sentry. The recommended way is to use Composer.

$ composer require immobiliare/sentry-php

Alternatively you can manually install it:

  1. Download and extract the latest sentry-php archive to your PHP project.
  2. Require the autoloader in your application:
require_once '/path/to/Raven/library/Raven/Autoloader.php';


// Instantiate a new client with a compatible DSN and install built-in
// handlers
$sentryClient = new Raven_Client('');

// Capture an exception
$event_id = $sentryClient->captureException($ex);

// Give the user feedback
echo "Sorry, there was an error!";
echo "Your reference ID is " . $event_id;

For more information, see the documentation.

Integration with frameworks

Other packages exists to integrate this SDK into the most common frameworks.



Dependencies are managed through composer:

$ composer install

Tests can then be run via phpunit:

$ vendor/bin/phpunit