Allows you to design your tests in an independent manner.

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Mock your eloquent queries without the repository pattern.

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Why this package was invented?

  • It solves the problem of "slow tests" by removing the interactions with a real database.
  • It simplifies the process of writing and running tests since your tests will be "DB Independent".


You can install the package via Composer:

composer require imanghafoori/eloquent-mockery --dev dev-main


First, you have to define a new connection in your config/database.php and set the driver to 'arrayDB'.


return [
  'connections' => [
     'my_test_connection' => [
         'driver' => 'arrayDB',
         'database' => '',

Then you can:

public function test_basic()
    config()->set('database.default', 'my_test_connection');

    # ::Arrange:: (Setup Sample Data)
    FakeDB::addRow('users', ['id' => 1, 'username' => 'faky', 'password' => '...']);
    FakeDB::addRow('users', ['id' => 1, 'username' => 'maky', 'password' => '...']);

    # ::Act:: (This query resides in your controller)
    $user = User::where('username', 'faky')->first();   # <=== This does NOT connect to a real DB.

    # ::Assert::
    $this->assert($user->id === 1);
    $this->assert($user->username === 'faky');

Mocking a create query:

public function test_basic()
    # In setUp:

    # ::Act::
    $this->post('/create-url', ['some' => 'data' ])

    # ::Assert::
    $user = User::first();
    $this->assertEquals('iman', $user->username);

    # In tearDown
  • For more examples take a look at the tests directory.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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