Creates authentication views for fortify

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Simple authentication scaffolding based off Laravel Fortify built with InertiaJS, VueJS and Bootstrap

Getting Started

To install the package you must run

composer require imageplus/auth-scaffolding

Once the package has installed run

php artisan imageplus:scaffold-auth

This will generate the auth scaffolding in the application

The package required certain npm packages so after running the above please run npm i to install the required packages

The package uses the database session driver so to create this table run the migration with php artisan migrate

Toggling Functionality

Some of the Fortify features are optional. You may disable the features by removing them from the features array found at config/fortify.php. You're free to only remove some of these features, or you can even remove all of these if you need to.

This package does have some of its own custom functionality which can be disabled in its config file locations at config/imageplus-auth-scaffolding.php but this first must be published

2 Factor Authentication

This comes enabled by default within fortify but the trait TwoFactorAuthenticatable must be added to the User model to enable this functionality

Email Verification

To enable this uncomment the line Features::emailVerification() in config/fortify.php and implement the contract MustVerifyEmail


Please use the ImagePlusAuthScaffolding class or config as apposed to Fortify as the custom provider allows the use of InertiaJS authentication views

The views themselves are configured in 2 places.

The config file

which must first be published using the below command

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=imageplus-auth-scaffolding-config

Once published you can change the array values to the Inertia Component you want to use

The ImageplusAuthServiceProvider

Routes can be changed in here by removing the line ImageplusAuthScaffolding::useDefaultViews(); and calling the below functions directly with an Inertia view

    function($request) {
        return [
            'token' => $request->route()->parameter('token')

Please note additional data can be given as a second parameter as either an array or a function

Changing The Login View

The below code shows an example of how to change the login view. It will change the login view to the Login component inside the Auth folder in the Pages directory as well as passing the additional prop foo

ImageplusAuthScaffolding::loginView('Auth/Login', ['foo' => 'bar'])

Browser Sessions

The package can logout all other instances of a users account with the logout-other-sessions feature enabled but for this to work the \Illuminate\Session\Middleware\AuthenticateSession::class middleware must be enabled

Other Help

Any information not found here can be found on the official documentation for the other packages required