PHP client for shopify/toxiproxy

v2.0 2018-01-25 16:51 UTC

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Toxiproxy makes it easy and trivial to test network conditions, for example low-bandwidth and high-latency situations. toxiproxy-php-client includes everything needed to get started with configuring Toxiproxy upstream connection and listen endpoints.

Note: toxiproxy-php-client is currently compatible with toxiproxy-2.0+.

Installing via Composer

The recommended way to install toxiproxy-php-client is through Composer.

Once that is installed and you have added ihsw/toxiproxy-php-client to your composer.json configuration, you can require the autoloader and start using the library.

Here is an example for creating a proxy that limits a Redis connection to 1000KB/s.



use Ihsw\Toxiproxy\Toxiproxy;
use Ihsw\Toxiproxy\ToxicTypes;
use Ihsw\Toxiproxy\StreamDirections;

$toxiproxy = new Toxiproxy("http://toxiproxy:8474");
$proxy = $toxiproxy->create("ihsw_example_redis_master", "");
$toxic = $proxy->create(ToxicTypes::BANDWIDTH, StreamDirections::UPSTREAM, 1.0, [
    "rate" => 1000
    "Listening on IP %s and port %s on behalf of 6379, with a connection that's limited to 1000KB/s\n",



Additional examples can be found in the examples directory for expected usage.