Provides nonce login tickets to users who have forgot their password.

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v2.0.0 2014-10-30 16:00 UTC

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Provides nonce login tickets to users who forgot their password, allowing them to reset their password and login in the mean time.

Requesting a ticket

Tickets are requested with the NonceLoginRequestOperation operation. The api:nonce-login-request and api:inline-nonce-login-request routes can be used to format a URL for this operation. The operation can only be performed with the POST HTTP method.


use ICanBoogie\HTTP\Request;

$app = ICanBoogie\app();

$request = Request::from([

	'uri' => $app->routes['api:nonce-login-request'],
	'is_post' => true,
	'is_xhr' => true,
	'request_params' => [

		'email' => "olivier.laviale@gmail.com"



# or

$request = Request::from([

	'uri' => $app->routes['api:inline-nonce-login-request']->format(['email' => "olivier.laviale@gmail.com"]),
	'is_post' => true,
	'is_xhr' => true


To prevent abuses, a cooldown period is required before another ticket can be requested for the same user. A TicketAlreadySent exception is thrown in attempt to request a ticket before the end of that period.

If everything goes well, a message is sent to the user with a link to a NonceLoginForm. The message is sent by an event hook attached to the Icybee\Modules\Users\NonceLogin\NonceLoginRequestOperation::process event, using the mail() prototype method, which is usually provided by the icanboogie/mailer package.

Altering the message or the mailer sending it

If the ICanBoogie\Core::mail() method is provided by the icanboogie/mailer package, the Icybee\Modules\Users\NonceLogin\NonceLoginRequestOperation::mail:before event can be used to alter the message or the mailer sending it.


The following exception are defined:

  • TicketAlreadySent: Exception thrown in attempt to request a ticket before the end of the cooldown period.


The package requires PHP 5.4 or later.


The recommended way to install this package is through Composer:

$ composer require icybee/module-users-noncelogin

This module is part of the modules required by Icybee.

Cloning the repository

The package is available on GitHub, its repository can be cloned with the following command line:

$ git clone https://github.com/Icybee/module-users-noncelogin.git users.noncelogin


The package is documented as part of the Icybee CMS documentation. The documentation for the package and its dependencies can be generated with the make doc command. The documentation is generated in the docs directory using ApiGen. The package directory can later by cleaned with the make clean command.


The test suite is ran with the make test command. Composer is automatically installed as well as all the dependencies required to run the suite. The package directory can later be cleaned with the make clean command.

The package is continuously tested by Travis CI.

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The module is licensed under the New BSD License - See the LICENSE file for details.