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v2.0.0 2014-10-29 11:00 UTC

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The Nodes module (nodes) introduces the Node content type to the CMS Icybee. Most modules introducing content types inherit from it, this includes the Contents module (contents) as well as the Pages module module (pages).

Provided classes

The module provides several classes that might be of interest if you want to write a sub-module, although you might rather create a sub-module of the Contents module (contents). Of course, there if the ActiveRecord class and its model class, but also blocks, operations and a view provider.

Event hooks


Updates default admin routes.


Updates default admin routes.


Register the nodes depending on the specified record. All node types are registered whatever their module (constructor).


Checks if the user being deleted is used by any node. If the user is used and error with the uid key is added to the error collector.

Patron markups


The markup creates a navigation block with links to the list, the next record and the previous record.

<p:node:navigation />

Dashboard panels

The module provides two dashboard panels. One displays a summary of the number of records per node category. The other displays a list of the last nodes updated by the user.


Node slugs are created using the slugize() function. The default implementation uses normalize(), but one might want to provide a better implementation, such as one removing stop words according the the language of the node.

The following example demonstrates how the slugize() function could be patched to use a remove_stop_words() function:


Icybee\Modules\Nodes\Helpers::patch('slugize', function($str, $language=null) {

	return \ICanBoogie\normalize(remove_stop_words($str, $language));



The package requires PHP 5.4 or later.


The recommended way to install this package is through Composer. Create a composer.json file and run php composer.phar install command to install it:

	"minimum-stability": "dev",
		"icybee/module-nodes": "2.x"

This package is part of the packages required by Icybee.

Cloning the repository

The package is available on GitHub, its repository can be cloned with the following command line:

$ git clone git://github.com/Icybee/module-nodes.git nodes


The package is documented as part of the Icybee CMS documentation. The documentation for the package and its dependencies can be generated with the make doc command. The documentation is generated in the docs directory using ApiGen. The package directory can later by cleaned with the make clean command.


The test suite is ran with the make test command. Composer is automatically installed as well as all the dependencies required to run the suite. The package directory can later be cleaned with the make clean command.

The package is continuously tested by Travis CI.

Build Status


This package is licensed under the New BSD License - See the LICENSE file for details.