Mattermost exitpoint for advanced notification system of EXT:caretaker

2.0.0 2020-05-13 11:27 UTC


This extension adds a new exit point to the caretaker.


Simply install the extension with Composer or the Extension Manager.

Make sure the option Advanced notifications in the caretaker Extension Configuration is enabled.


  1. Go to your caretaker-sysfolder and switch to list module

  2. Add a new record of type caretaker Exitpoint

  3. Add or extend a record of type caretaker Strategy

    • see EXT:caretaker/Classes/services/notifications/advanced/demoConfig.txt for more information
rules {
    notifyChannels {
        conditions {
            event = updatedTestResult
            onlyIfStateChanged = 1

        exit {
            mattermost {
  1. Assign the Strategy to a caretaker Instance or Instancegroup


Channels can be defined in the Exitpoint configuration as well as in Instance and/or Instancegroup properties.

Channels set in Instance or Instancegroup are handed down. If you need to mute (remove) a channel again, you can add a dash before the channel name to remove it from the list.