Emulated timeouts for synchronous operations.

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Interlude is a small PHP library for repeating a non-blocking operation until it succeeds, a timeout period is reached, or a maximum number of attempts have been performed.

If you don't need the timeout feature, you might want to try igorw/retry.


use Icecave\Interlude\Exception\AttemptsExhaustedException;
use Icecave\Interlude\Exception\TimeoutException;
use Icecave\Interlude\Invoker;

$invoker = new Invoker;

$operation = function ($remainingTimeout, $remainingAttempts) {
    // do work ...

try {
        10, // ten second timeout
        3   // maximum of three attempts
} catch (TimeoutException $e) {
    echo 'The operation timed out!' . PHP_EOL;
} catch (AttemptsExhaustedException $e) {
    echo 'The operation was attempted the maximum number of times!' . PHP_EOL;

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