Binds ActiveRecord to ICanBoogie

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The icanboogie/bind-activerecord package binds the icanboogie/activerecord package to ICanBoogie, using its Autoconfig feature. It provides configuration builders for active record connections and models, as well as getters for the connection provider and the model provider.

namespace ICanBoogie\Binding\ActiveRecord;

use ICanBoogie\Application;
use ICanBoogie\ActiveRecord\Config;
use ICanBoogie\ActiveRecord\Model;
use ICanBoogie\ActiveRecord\ConnectionProvider;
use ICanBoogie\ActiveRecord\ModelProvider;

/* @var Application $app */

$app = boot();

$config = $app->configs[Config::class];

echo count($config->connections);
echo count($config->models);

$primary_connection = $app->service_for_id('active_record.connection.primary', Connection::class);
# or
$primary_connection = $app->service_for_class(ConnectionProvider::class)->connection_for_id('primary');

$nodes = $app->service_for_class(ModelProvider::class)->model_for_record(Node::class);


composer require icanboogie/bind-activerecord


The package provides a configuration builder for ICanBoogie\ActiveRecord\Config.

The activerecord config fragment

Currently activerecord fragments are used to configure connections and models, which are suitable to create ConnectionCollection and ModelCollection instances.

The following example demonstrates how to define connections and models. Two connections are defined: primary is a connection to the MySQL server;cache is a connection to a SQLite database. The nodes model is also defined.


// config/activerecord.php

use ICanBoogie\ActiveRecord\ConnectionOptions;
use ICanBoogie\ActiveRecord\Model;
use ICanBoogie\ActiveRecord\Schema;
use ICanBoogie\ActiveRecord\SchemaColumn;
use ICanBoogie\ActiveRecord\Config;
use ICanBoogie\ActiveRecord\ConfigBuilder;
use ICanBoogie\ActiveRecord\SchemaBuilder;

return fn(ConfigBuilder $config) => $config
        id: Config::DEFAULT_CONNECTION_ID,
        dsn: 'mysql:dbname=mydatabase',
        username: 'root',
        password: 'root',
        table_name_prefix: 'myprefix',
        time_zone: '+02:00',
        id: 'cache',
        dsn: 'sqlite:' . ICanBoogie\REPOSITORY . 'cache.sqlite'
        id: 'nodes',
        activerecord_class: Node::class,
        schema_builder: fn(SchemaBuilder $b) => $b
            ->add_serial('id',primary: true)

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icanboogie/bind-activerecord is released under the BSD-3-Clause.