A base framework for creating sliders/carousels on your SilverStripe site

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Silverstripe Carousel Module

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Module that adds the ability to generate Carousels/Sliders to your SilverStripe website.


  • SilverStripe Framework: 4.*
  • SilverStripe CMS: 4.*


Either via composer:

composer require "i-lateral/silverstripe-carousel"

Or manually by by downloading and adding to:


Then run:

./vendor/bin/sake dev/build flush=1

or (from yuor browser):



The following is a quick guide to getting using this module:

Step 1: Add variable to template

Once installed, you have to add the following template variable to any templates you require a carousel to appear on:


Step 2: Enable carousel on your page

Next, log into the admin interface and edit the page you want to add a carousel to.

Then click the "Settings" tab, and tick the "show carousel" checkbox.

Step 4: Setup Carousel

Once this is done you will be able to set the following fields:

  • Width and Height settings (this will determine the size of the rendered images)
  • Show Controls (this will add next/prev buttons) NOTE if you want this to work correctly, you will need to disable hash rewrites in SilverStripe
  • Show Indicators (show the blips at the bottom of aa page).
  • Interval (how quickly will each slide be displayed).

Step 5: Add some slides

Once you have finished configuring, you can go back to the "content" tab and a "carousel" tab should have appeared in the right hand side of the editing pane.

You can now add slides, attach images and edit their titles.

Using a different carousel

By default this module uses Bootstrap 4 carousel from a CDN. If you want to use your own carousel, you will need to copy the CarouselSlides template into your theme and amend the HTML and Requirements calls