ke_search Indexer for shortcut elements

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What is EXT:kesearch_shortcut_indexer?

As the extension key suggests, it is an indexer for shortcut elements with ke_search


Just install it the common ways. It hooks up in page-/content-indexer. You can install EXT:kesearch_shortcut_indexer in TYPO3 CMS using the TER or use composer to fetch EXT:kesearch_shortcut_indexer from packagist:

composer req hziegenhain/kesearch-shortcut-indexer

Documentation / Screenshot

Add 'shortcut' to the list content types, which should be indexed in the indexer config. Indexer configuration for pages

How to contribute?

Just fork this repository and create a pull request to the master branch. Please also describe why you've submitted your patch. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


This extension is heavily inspired by EXT:mask_kesearch_indexer by Gregor Agnes (zwo3). Thank you very much, Gregor.