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This repository contains the new version of the WordPress Importer currently in development. Learn more about the rewrite.

Fast, lightweight, consistent. Pick three. 🌴 😎

How do I use it?

Via the Dashboard

  1. Install the plugin directly from GitHub. (Download as a ZIP.)
  2. Activate the plugin (make sure you also deactivate the original Wordpress Importer if you have it installed).
  3. Head to Tools → Import
  4. Select "WordPress (v2)"
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Via the CLI

The plugin also includes CLI commands out of the box.

Simply activate the plugin, then run:

wp wxr-importer import import-file.xml

Run wp help wxr-importer import to discover what you can do via the CLI.

Current Status

The current major items are currently missing or suboptimal in the Importer:

  • Web UI (#1): Right now, there's essentially no web interface for the importer. This sucks. Done!

  • Automatic Testing: There's no unit tests. Boooooo.

How can I help?

The best way to help with the importer right now is to try importing and see what breaks. Compare the old importer to the new one, and find any inconsistent behaviour.

We have a general feedback thread so you can let us know how it goes. If the importer works perfectly, let us know. If something doesn't import the way you think it should, you can file a new issue, or leave a comment to check whether it's intentional first. :)


The WordPress Importer is licensed under the GPLv2 or later.


Original plugin created by Ryan Boren, Jon Cave (@joncave), Andrew Nacin (@nacin), and Peter Westwood (@westi). Redux project by Ryan McCue and contributors.