Use another WordPress site as source for your media library.

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Use another WordPress site as source for your media library.


AMF WordPress uses the Asset Manager Framework (AMF) to use another WordPress site as media source for your WordPress installation. This allows you to insert images anywhere they're used in WordPress, including the Block Editor, featured images, and the Customiser, all from the same media library.


Install with Composer:

composer require humanmade/amf-wordpress



By default the plugin will use the current site's media library. This should be changed at Settings > Media by providing the URL of the WordPress site you'd like to use as media source. This could be an external WordPress site or another site in a multisite installation.

This URL can also be defined at the code level in the AMF_WORDPRESS_URL constant. If this constant is defined then the setting on the Media settings screen will not be shown.


Copyright 2021 Human Made. Licensed under the GPLv3 or later.