hubipe/finstat API client for PHP

v1.0.6 2020-05-18 08:27 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-05-26 09:48:11 UTC


This is an API client for, Slovakian company register.

How to install

Install package hubipe/finstat with Composer:

composer require hubipe/finstat

So far, in the library, there is only one implemented RequestClient - GuzzleRequestClient. If you don't want to implement your own, you'll also need to require

composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle

How to use

Using client is easy - all you have to do is initiate FinStat class by passing it request client, API key and private API key:

use Hubipe\FinStat\FinStat;
use Hubipe\FinStat\Request\GuzzleRequestClient;

$requestClient = new GuzzleRequestClient();
$client = new FinStat(

When client is instantiated, you can start querying API:

$detailResult = $client->detail('36631124');
$autocompleteResult = $client->autocomplete('Slovenská pošta');
$czAutocompleteResult = $client->czAutocomplete('Česká pošta');

Implemented API methods

This client has implemented so far these API methods:

  • autocomplete
  • detail
  • CZ autocomplete

If you wish to implement other methods, please send a pull request.