RabbitMQ driver for Laravel Queue


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Require this package in your composer.json and run composer update (IMPORTANT! DO NOT USE "dev-master"):

"vladimir-yuldashev/laravel-queue-rabbitmq": "5.1"

After composer update is finished you need to add ServiceProvider to your providers array in app.php:


Add these lines to your app/config/queue.php file to connections array:

'rabbitmq' => [
	'driver'          		=> 'rabbitmq',

	'host'            		=> env('RABBITMQ_HOST', ''),
	'port'            		=> env('RABBITMQ_PORT', 5672),

	'vhost'           		=> env('RABBITMQ_VHOST', '/'),
	'login'           		=> env('RABBITMQ_LOGIN', 'guest'),
	'password'        		=> env('RABBITMQ_PASSWORD', 'guest'),

	'queue'           		=> env('RABBITMQ_QUEUE'), // name of the default queue,
	'exchange_declare' 		=> env('RABBITMQ_EXCHANGE_DECLARE', true), // create the exchange if not exists
	'queue_declare_bind' 	=> env('RABBITMQ_QUEUE_DECLARE_BIND', true), // create the queue if not exists and bind to the exchange

	'queue_params'    		=> [
		'passive'     		=> env('RABBITMQ_QUEUE_PASSIVE', false),
		'durable'     		=> env('RABBITMQ_QUEUE_DURABLE', true),
		'exclusive'   		=> env('RABBITMQ_QUEUE_EXCLUSIVE', false),
		'auto_delete' 		=> env('RABBITMQ_QUEUE_AUTODELETE', false),

	'exchange_params' 		=> [
		'type'        		=> env('RABBITMQ_EXCHANGE_TYPE', 'direct'), // more info at
		'passive'     		=> env('RABBITMQ_EXCHANGE_PASSIVE', false),
		'durable'     		=> env('RABBITMQ_EXCHANGE_DURABLE', true), // the exchange will survive server restarts
		'auto_delete' 		=> env('RABBITMQ_EXCHANGE_AUTODELETE', false),


And add these properties to .env with proper values:



You can also find full examples in src/examples folder.

####Usage Once you completed the configuration you can use Laravel Queue API. If you used other queue drivers you do not need to change anything else. If you do not know how to use Queue API, please refer to the official Laravel documentation:

####PHPUnit Unit tests will be provided soon.

####Contribution You can contribute to this package by discovering bugs and opening issues. Enjoy!

####Supported versions of Laravel 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 5.0, 5.1 The version is being matched by the release tag of this library.